• Attendance & Absence Reporting Procedure 


    Please call the office to report your child’s absence and/or request classwork/homework –(818) 729-1200, between the hours of 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. You can also email Julie Hubbell at juliehubbell@burbankusd.org.

     Please include in your email or message: your child’s full name, the date(s) of absence, reason for absence, and your full name. If you have reported your child’s absence by phone call or email then a note is not necessary. 

    Not all absences are excused. If you do not report the reason for your child’s absence within 3 school days of the absence, it will automatically be an unexcused absence. 

    Children are expected to be at school on time. If a child is late they should fill out a tardy slip in the office. If a child is tardy because of a medical/dental appointment they must provide a note from the doctor’s office in order for it to be excused. Frequent tardiness without a valid excuse may be considered truancy. 

    You have access to your student’s daily attendance through the parent portal. If you have not set up an account in the parent portal please contact the office to request the information you need to set up an account. 

    Excused absences: illness, medical, dental, optometric or chiropractic services, (medical/dental appointments require a note from the medical office to be excused) attendance at the funeral of an immediate family member, court appearance or religious reasons. 

     If your student misses 14 school days (in one school year) due to illness, then a doctor’s note will be required to excuse any further absences due to illness. 

    Unexcused absences: family vacations, lack of transportation to school, and illness of someone other than the student. 

    Unexcused absences for more than ten (10) consecutive days may result in disenrollment or permit revocation.