SSC Voting information

    Hello Stevenson Families,

    We have 6 candidates for Stevenson's 2020-21 School Site Council. 

    This year we need to elect 3 of the 5 parent positions :

    -2 parents representing TK-5th grade students

    -1 parent of an English Language Learner or reclassified English Language Learner representing TK-5th grade.

    All of the requirements have been checked and fulfilled to create the following ballot. Information on each candidate is on the ballot.

    Please go to the following link to cast your vote! Follow all directions. A space for write-in candidates is available. If you have ANY questions, please contact me. Voting ends, Friday, September 18th at 3:00 p.m.

    School Site Council Voting Form


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    SSC 2020-2021 meetings 

     September 24th

    October 29th

    February 11th

    April 8th